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We are glad to announce our new service of providing safety checks for ambulances, conducted by our team of experts, even at your place thanks to our mobile workshop.

Following are the coupons we have carried out:


Check and securing 02 cylinders-Check 02 systems' endurance-Check digital and mechanic reducers' efficiency: adjustment, OR and filters check -Check electrical distribution outlets: securing and functioning-Check floor dispenser: securing and functioning-At the end you will be provided a certification stating the oxygen supply systems check has been done. In case of certifications for 5 or more vehicles we can negotiate better prices depending on the service required.
COUPONS FOR PERFORMING ON 5 or MORE 'VEHICLES is possible to agree improved terms of the price depending on the type of service requested.


Check shutters, storage, lockers and side bench: securing and functioning-Checks seats, jump seats: securing, safety belts and functioning-Check partition wall-Check fixing/attachment devices: portable tanks, internal and external tank cart, electro-medical devices (AED, defibrillator, portable suction device, infusion pumps, ventilators, multi-parametric monitor), stretchers, shifter, escape chairs, scoop stretchers, long spine board, emergency stretchers-Check main stretchers: load/unload check-Check machinery: front command panel, power outlets panel 220V/12 V/incubator, ventilator/aspirator, inverter, charger, sterilizer, generator, heater-Check lighting: central tunnel neon/led lights, spot lights, night lights, shutters, storage and skirting lights, surgical lighting, torches


Check climate-Check securing and fastening: driver's cabin tunnel, two-way radios, fire extinguisher, torches, siren, front panel, storage- Check functioning: battery, torches, two-way radios, lightings, front panel


Check spoilers and lightings front and rear-Check lightings: sirens and sidelights-Check white/orange lights and rear spoiler lights-Check radio antennas, Hi-Fi, navigator and GPS-Check external decorations: perimeter band, identifying signs


Check boiler engine/webasto: functioning, inspection-Check external 220V outlet: securing, functioning-Check side ramp and tail lifts: securing, inspection, functioning-Check air suspension: inspection, functioning


Repair and maintenance for chairs and stretchers by Stryker, Spencer and Me.Ber, and any medical device.
Revision and certified safety checks for tail lifts and ramps
Periodical oxygen supply system check.
Replacement on site for lightings, sidelights, sirens, strobes and LEDs, and installation of 10g latches on chairs and stretchers.
All the small maintenance jobs that do not require out laboratory.


Certified safety checks are not only needed to improve emergency vehicles' efficiency, but they are also required by law (on workplace safety measures, requirements to operate, …). As of today the most relevant regulations are: Art 15 comma 1 D.Lgs 81/08: “The general measures for safety in the workplace are […] the regular maintenance of structures, equipments and places...” Art 71 comma 4 D.Lgs 81/08: “The employer takes care of any needed measure to ensure that any devices is properly mounted and used according to the relevant instructions for a safe usage and kept maintained to comply with standards of safety set by art. 70, and they must be equipped with technical and maintenance booklet. - DPR January 14 1997 par. “Gestione risorse tecnologiche”: There has to be a plan for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of biomedical devices; such plan has to be recorded and documented, and in the knowledge of all the operative levels.-Art 3 D.Lgs 46/97: “Devices can be sold or put in exercise only if in accordance to the present regulation, if they are properly provided and installed, if they are subject to regular maintenance, and if they are conform to their proper usage” - D. Lgs 46/97 All. 1 pt. 13.6: “The instructions for use must include […] any knowledge needed to verify whether the device is properly installed and is able to function safely, furthermore any knowledge related to the nature and frequency of maintenance and inspections checks needed to always ensure the proper functioning and safety of the device”


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