Different arrangements customized for different typologies of vehicles designed for transporting the disabled, from basic sets to premium, with a range of solutions depending on the demands. To facilitate the loading of wheelchairs there are many options:

  • arm lifts, that allows to load the wheelchairs' weight up to 181 kg on vehicles with enough storage. The wheelchair is locked with a specific system depending on the type of wheelchair and its weight, that allows for vertical loading.;

  • tail lifts, to be installed in the back of the vehicle or on the side, and that allow the disabled to stay easily seated on wheelchair during the transport, or to load the wheelchair alone with the passenger riding on the vehicle.

  • ramps with different degrees of inclination to allow access in the vehicle with the wheelchair, from the side or the back. The patient is needed to stay on the wheelchair, which will be locked to the interior. Ramps can be manual or electric.